Synthetic Wig Shampoo & Leave in Conditioner Spray


. Detangled & Improves Elasticity
. Promotes Silkiness & Shine
. Provides Freshness Feeling & Moisturizes
. Anti-Frizz & Hydrates
. Body & Volume
. Contains Coconut Oil
. Prolongs the life of your wig


❤️AWESOME HIGH-QUALITY SYNTHETIC WIG SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER SPRAY: Made with premium ingredients, our wig shampoo & conditioner spray is perfect for use on synthetic wigs, extensions, and hairpieces. Awesome premium wig detangler is the perfect solution for keeping your wigs looking smooth, soft, and tangle-free!

❤️KEEPING YOUR WIG LOOKING BEAUTIFUL FOR LONGER: It’s perfect for daily use and will help extend the life of your wig. Whether you’re wearing your wig for a special occasion or on a daily basis, Awesome wig shampoo & leave in conditioner spray will help keep your style in place and looking great

❤️AWESOME HUMAN HAIR WIG DETANGLER IS EASY TO USE: Simply wash it onto your wig and gently comb through. It dries quickly, leaving no residue, and is non-greasy, so your wig will feel lightweight and comfortable all day long

❤️AWESOME ESPECIALLY FOMULATED WIG SPRAY: Is designed to provide long-lasting hold and protection, while also maintaining the natural shine and texture of your wig. Awesome wig shampoo & spray is also great for protecting your wig from damage caused by heat styling tools, and daily wear and tear

❤️IT’S GREAT FOR REDUCING FRIZZ AND STATIC: Your wig will look and feel silky smooth all day long. With Awesome wig shampoo & spray, you can confidently wear your wig knowing that it will stay looking beautiful and natural all day long. Experience the difference for yourself!

Additional information

Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 3 × 9 × 5 in