Synthetic Wig Shampoo & Leave in Conditioner Spray plus Travel size


. Detangled & Improves Elasticity
. Promotes Silkiness & Shine
. Provides Freshness Feeling & Moisturizes
. Anti-Frizz & Hydrates
. Body & Volume
. Contains Coconut Oil
. Prolongs the life of your wig


❤️AWESOME HIGH-QUALITY SYNTHETIC WIG SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER SPRAY: made with premium ingredients, our wig shampoo is perfect for use on synthetic and human hair wigs, extensions, remi hair, weaving hair it can be used on any type of wig. Awesome premium synthetic wig detangler set is the perfect solution for keeping your synthetic wigs looking smooth, soft, and tangle-free!

❤️SYNTHETIC WIG SHAMPOO IS EASY TO USE: just soak 10~15minute your wig and gently comb through. It dries quickly, leaving no residue, and is non-greasy, so your wig will feel lightweight and comfortable all day long

❤️SYNTHETIC WIG CONDITIONER IS EASY TO USE: simply spray it onto your wig and gently comb through. ensuring that it stays put and looks perfect throughout the day

❤️KEEPING YOUR WIG LOOKING BEAUTIFUL FOR LONGER: it’s perfect for daily use and will help extend the life of your wig. Whether you’re wearing your wig for a special occasion or on a daily basis, Awesome wig shampoo & leave in conditioner spray will help keep your style in place and looking great

❤️IT’S GREAT FOR REDUCING FRIZZ AND STATIC: your wig will look and feel silky smooth all day long. With Awesome wig shampoo & conditioner spray, you can confidently wear your wig knowing that it will stay looking beautiful and natural all day long. Experience the difference for yourself!

Additional information

Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 3 × 8 × 4 in